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Inland Empire Foundation for Medical Care (IEFMC), a sister organization of Riverside County Medical Association (RCMA), partners with IEHP in taking a leadership role in setting the pace of healthcare transformation regionally. Our Population Health Fellowship selects two primary care 3rd year Residents from Riverside and San Bernardino County Residency programs, and helps to develop skills these young physicians will need to lead interdisciplinary teams that challenge the status quo by developing and testing new strategies and workflows for optimizing the health and well-being of our communities.

A comprehensive 12-month curriculum is included that covers key population health topics as well as structured assignments with measurable outcomes designed to transform provider and practice performance during the Fellowship year.

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Population Health Fellowship Financial Support

Recognizing that after completing Medical School and Residency Training, new physicians are eager to begin practicing medicine and financial constraints may be a consideration when electing whether to continue their education or immediately begin working in a medical practice. Our Population Health Fellowship program recognizes these challenges and offers financial assistance, which allows young physicians to participate in a year-long Fellowship while also becoming fully employed with a participating medical clinic. In addition to a full-time salary provided by the medical group, the Fellowship Program provides:

    1. Fellow Sign-On Bonus: To be paid to the Fellow 30 days following the beginning of their Fellowship.
    2. Salary: The program contributes to the medical practice to cover a portion of the salary and overhead. The Fellow will spend 12 hours/week exclusively on Fellowship assignments (12/40 = 30%) practice time.
    3. Loan Forgiveness: Funding support toward loan forgiveness.

Fellow & Practice Selection

Fellow & Practice selection will take place in the early Fall each year for a start date of July/August the following year.

  • Interested Residents, please submit a Letter of Interest and CV for consideration
  • Interested Practices, please contact Dolores Green at (951) 686-3342 or dgreen@rcmadocs.org

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