Since 1960




"To preserve freedom of choice for both patients and health care providers while promoting the distribution of medical services by its members to the general public at a cost reasonable to both the health care consumer and the provider of service."

IEFMC Board of Directors

Alonso R. Ojeda, M.D.

Vice President
Tarek Z. Mahdi, M.D.

Chief Financial Officer
Steven E. Larson,

Immediate Past President
Lawrence E. Clark, M.D.

Board Members

Victor Ching, M.D.
Gary M. Feinberg, M.D.
Richard G. Rajaratnam, M.D.
Raj K. Sindher, M.D.
G.Sunny Uppal, M.D.

Chief Executive Officer
Dolores L. Green, MBA

High Quality, Physician Driven Care


The Inland Empire Foundation (IEFMC) is a preferred provider organization (PPO) covering Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. This multi-county affiliation has created one of the most comprehensive PPO Networks in Southern California. The IEFMC is comprised of over 2,000 physicians, ancillary providers and 27 hospitals in the Inland Empire. The purpose of the IEFMC is to promote, develop and encourage the distribution of medical services by its members to the people of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. As a physician directed organization IEFMC understands the value that the physician/patient relationship must be maintained and guarded.

IEFMC is one of twelve foundations throughout the state that together form the California Foundation for Medical Care, (CFMC) creating one of the most comprehensive California preferred and exclusive provider organizations (PPO and EPO) available in the marketplace today. CFMC's preferred membership is comprised of more the 35,000 physicians and ancillary providers and over 275 hospitals throughout the state.

The IEFMC, together with CFMC, also offers a comprehensive Workers Compensation Network that provides access to injured workers while assisting employers in controlling health care costs.


IEFMC operates on the premise that:

  • Physicians must retain responsibility and leadership in the design, administration and delivery of medical services
  • Medical care must be provided at a just and equitable cost to both patient and physician
  • Peer review conducted by physician members must be encouraged as an efficient mechanism to control the rise of medical costs
  • Patients are given the freedom to choose their physicians
  • The physician/patient relationship must be maintained and guarded

    What IEFMC Accomplishes:

  • Offers accessibility for Patients to Physicians' offices
  • Provides excellence in service to Physicians, Hospitals and Patients
  • Supports Quality Medical Care
  • Supports Reasonable Cost Control and Cost Containment Programs

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